Welcome to this site.  The purpose is to provide information, photos and stories regarding a solo kayaking trip of approximately 1,000 miles from Chesapeake City, MD through the Chesapeake Bay and the Atlantic Intracoastal Waterway to Jacksonville, FL beginning Sunday September 9th 2012 and ending sometime before Thanksgiving. 

The motivation for this voyage includes the opportunity for a remarkable outdoor adventure, doing some of my favorite activities (kayaking and primitive camping), improving my overall physical, psychological and mental health, and deepening my current level of spirituality.

The idea came to me 18 months ago, while thinking about my upcoming retirement (I turn 66 in October).  Living outside of Jacksonville, working for a Dutch leasing company with US headquarters in Wayne, PA and commuting almost every week between these two locations, provided the circumstances for me to consider doing something so unusual to mark this milestone.

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11 Responses to Greetings

  1. Bob Veldstra says:

    You look great!!

    Bob and Jeanne

  2. mark g says:

    Good luck. God speed 🙂

  3. Vicky says:

    I saw your story in the times union jax newspaper. I think what your doing is great. Hope your safe and have a great time. I’m jealous I can’t join ya. Enjoy. I’ll be following your progress and wish you well.

  4. Hank Lengfellner says:

    The Jax TU story gave us a great story. I wish you fair winds and following seas….
    You’ve embarked on a dream trip.

  5. Ceris Feakes says:

    I also saw your story in yesterday’s Time Union newspaper and want to wish you a safe and interesting journey. What a brilliant way to celebrate your retirement milestone and one that will give you such a feeling of satisfaction and accomplishment. My husband and I walked across the UK earlier this year – a distance of some 200 miles – and every time we look at the photographs of those 17 days, we are filled with pride and gratitude for having done it. So, bonne chance Fal, and I will be following your progress. Best wishes, Ceris (Fernandina Beach)

  6. Keith says:

    Just read the Times Union story. Sounds like a great trip and I will be following you by this blog. From you equipment list, it says you are using a kayak from Holland. What is the make again? The lines look nice and I am looking for a different kayak to move into. I also live in the Jacksonville area. If you end up needing anything while in the St Micheals area, let me know, I am originally from the eastern shore of MD, my family still is in the area and I could get them to aid you with any issues. Stay safe

  7. Owen Killian says:

    Fal, hope you had an easy crossing of the Chesapeake and looking forward to your next Blog. We tried to send you an email but yahoo doesn’t have you in their system as of a coupld days ago. Be Safe!!
    Owen & Winnie

  8. Jason Patz says:

    Saw your story in the Times-Union. Sounds like the trip of a lifetime. I’ll be reading through your posts. Best of luck!

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  10. Bruce Bragdon says:

    Fal, As an old fellow Beta I read the article with great interest. With my knees, just getting in and out of a kayak would be a feat. Both you and Ralph Pope are making the news. All the best Bruce Bragdon ’70

  11. charles says:

    Salut Fal comment vas tu depuis ce temps
    Après ton periple si tu veux venir te reposer a Montgoublin tu seras le bienvenu

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