Day 2 Monday September 10 Part 2

Getting back in the kayak was such a relief.  I proceeded against the waves with considerable difficulty to the Sassafras River.  All this time, I gave serious thought to the plan of crossing the Bay south of St. Michaels, and came to the obvious conclusion that my training was really designed for the ICW, and not for the Chesapeake Bay.  I had simply underestimated the skill level needed to deal with the kind of weather that was not uncommon on this water.  The most obvious solution was to have Grace take me across the Bay Bridge (after our few days together) to a location approximately at the same point south.   Once at the Sassafras, I decided agains going across the mouth, as my confidence was shaken, and moved up river along the north shore.  With the wind and waves gone, it became amazingly serene – like paddling on a small pond, and I stopped for a well needed rest.  While having lunch, a large water snake came by to check out Katie.  I went over to check him out, but he ducked under the kayak and reappeared a minute later.  I called Tom D. to ask about the upcoming weather, and he gave me some good news, and that cheered me up.  I then crossed over to the southern side and stopped at 3:45 PM, exhausted, with the lessons of the day filling my mind.  I chose a small narrow island near Lloyd Creek, with some trees but mostly covered in wild honeysuckle.  Once I picked out the best spot, I landed and walked ashore.  I noticed some black spots moving on the beach, and it took a few miliseconds to realize that the island was covered in daddy longlegs. tens, thousands of them.  Too tired to move, I decided to stick with the location.  Decided to eat some cereal and not bother to cook, because the bugs would not leave me alone.  I looked up into the darkening sky through the mesh of my hanging tent, and saw the dots moving above my head.  I decided that this day rated a 1.

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1 Response to Day 2 Monday September 10 Part 2

  1. farberfen says:

    Lessons Learned: You decided to take the path of least resistance by paddling up the north shoreline of the Sassafras River until you found calm conditions and could cross to the other shoreline. So often we want to meet life head-on and fight our way through it when can be much less stressful to find another way around our situation.
    A God Thing: You suffered no harm from the curious water snake. It could have been a water moccassin, a deadly snake instead. Also, thank God that the daddy-longleg spiders were not brown recluse spiders. They are deadly too. But, thank God for the spiders because they eat tons of annoying bugs. I see God protecting you in your soul-searching journey.
    God bless you as you continue your quest.

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