Day 6 through 10 September 14 – 18 Days of R&R

Many months ago, I planned on taking some days off after the start of the kayak trip, partly to rest, but most important, to spend time  with Grace.  This turned out to be really important after a very hectic time preparing for retirement and the start of the voyage.  What a Godsend!  We stayed at the Two Swan Inn, in the Magic Room facing the boats, and our time was indeed magical.  We made a  conscious effort not to do a lot, but rather just spend time with each other.  Quiet moments treasured.  And this, with the backdrop of not knowing when we would see each other after Sunday, when I was planning on resuming the trip.  Sunday morning came much too quickly, as it usually does.  After Church, we packed up to cross the Bay Bridge.  We had already decided not to test my kayak skills in crossing the 5 miles or so across the Bay on my own.  Due to the late hour, we decided to find somewhere to stay overnight around Deale, across from where St. Michaels is located.  We ended up at a very nice resort in Rose Haven, just north of Chesapeake Beach, which had a beautiful beach from where I planned on leaving in the morning.

For some reason, I decided to check the NOAA weather advisory for that part of the Chesapeake  Bay, and when I read the report, I realized that a big storm was coming our way Tuesday, with strong winds beginning that Monday afternoon from the South, with high waves leading into really serious weather on Tuesday.  I shared this news with Grace, and told her I was unprepared to take that risk on the western side of the Bay, especially with the lack of coves and the high walls against which I could be pinned.  Instead, we agreed to drive down to Solomons Island, where we took a room at a very nice B&B, called the Solomons Victorian Inn for two nights to wait out the storm, which came right on time.  As of this writing, we are getting ready to pack up and depart for Reedville, south of the Potomac River.  Due to continuing high wind from the north, I will not try to paddle the southern shore of that river, but rather kayak up the Wicomico River to find a place for the night, with the expectation of visiting friends for the weekend near Irvington VA.

While I am disappointed that I will not have paddled the entire length of the Bay, I will have paddled close the the amount of miles that it takes to motor the entire length.  Safety is far more important than any particular feat.  And, weather permitting, I hope to complete the voyage down Virginia’s western shoreline all the way to Newport News.

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4 Responses to Day 6 through 10 September 14 – 18 Days of R&R

  1. Helen Bauer says:

    Hi, it’s Helen from Solomons Victorian Inn. Enjoyed having you and Grace as our guests. Please e-mail me with an address, as I have your jacket o:0

  2. Diane Solonynka says:

    We are really glad you waited out the storm Monday and Tuesday.  We lost electricity here, so I cannot imagine kayaking a river during the storm.  All the best with the rest of your trip and as you said “safety first”.  Bohdan and Diane

  3. Bill Vosburgh says:

    Your common sense and wisdom have served you well on this trip. Hopefully the last section of the Chesapeake will less eventful as the first.

  4. Cecilia Wright says:

    Wishing you luck and Godspeed as you continue the trek. The students in my classes are so enthralled by what you are doing. I have a few questions from the kids– What happens if you can’t find anywhere to sleep? What can you do when you are too tired to paddle anymore? (Kid comment)– I really like hearing about what you are doing. I kayak but not very far like you.
    Keep safe

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