September 21, 22, 23 – Days of R&R

The days spent with Nancy and John O. were very special.  Colin F., a friend met through work, arranged this visit for me.  John is Colin’s best friend from childhood, and is very interested in boating, and the outdoors in general.  Colin joined us from his home in Charlotte NC together with his girlfriend, Christina, arriving that Friday late afternoon.  We celebrated our getting together, and reviewed my write up of that morning, a day that I have rated a 5.  Nancy cooked up great crab cakes and there was a lot of laughter during the pleasant evening.  Saturday, John and I ran some errands, and later he helped me successfully repair a small crack in the yellow gelcoat on the underside of the kayak.  Saturday afternoon, John took all of us out in his 30+ foot boat for a swim in Fleets Bay and a tour of one of the creeks I had passed the prior day.  That evening, Colin treated us to dinner at a Thai restaurant in White Stone.  During the day, the laundry was done, limited food stocks replenished and a fleece blanket purchased for nights now dropping into the mid 40’s.  Sunday morning, we all attended Nancy and John’s church, Grace Episcopal, from where Colin and Christina left to return to Charlotte, 7 hours away.  That night, I repacked everything, removing some items no longer deemed necessary, which Nancy would mail back to Grace.  A nice dinner consisting of filets cooked on the grill, with sweet potatoes and greens was enjoyed by the three of us, by way of a nice sendoff before I have to subsist on my camp food.  John and I reviewed the weather forecast for Monday morning, when I would have to cross the Rappahannock River.  I kept my sense of misgivings about this crossing to myself, but the weather did look quite favorable, with a north wind in the 5 knot per hour range.  Little did I know that my misgivings were to prove accurate.

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