Morehead City-Lunch

Katie and Fal crossing Neuse River on ferry.

Morehead City, NC/ lunch break
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2 Responses to Morehead City-Lunch

  1. Tom Sciorilli says:

    Hello Fal!
    I hope you are well both physically and emothionally. I am truly amazed as to how far you have gone. I am still not sure how you are able to do all that you have done and look forward to talking with you about it in the future. Be well my friend.
    Tom Sciorilli

    • Hi Tom. It is always a blessing to hear from you. I have always felt that we had much in common. I am wearing down, physically. While my arms and shoulders have held up well, not the case with the back, and in particular, my right hip joint. I think I have determined what is causing the latter problem – an uneven adjustable seat, so I have been more careful with that, and I think that is helping. Emotionally, it has been a rollercoaster. There are times, which I fully expected, when the loneliness almost overwhelms you. But now that I am in lower North Carolina, where there are lots of people and much activity, I am eating more calories and spending more time with other people. This has greatly helped. Spiritually, much progress has been made, and without that prospect, I doubt I would have taken on such an arduous journey. But I turned 66 on Saturday, and as I review the map of NC and see how far I have come, even I am amazed.

      Tomorrow I have to go down and cross the great Cape Fear River, which is problematic. In addition, we are experiencing a major front going through now, and so I took a room in Carolina Beach NC, to be ready for the crossing tomorrow well rested and without all of my camping gear soaking wet.

      Had a great day yesterday, which you will read about shortly. God bless you and yours. I would like to make a special effort to get together with you upon the conclusion of this journey. Let’s keep in touch.


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