Identification Page

Ship’s Log for Kayak trip from Chesapeake City MD to Jacksonville FL

Vessel:                         K-1 Kayak manufactured by Tahe Marine Netherlands, type                              Wadloper, purchased September 2009

Vessel name:              “Katie”

Dimensions:               16 feet by 21 inches

Weight:                       22.5 kilos (approximately 49.5 lbs)

Color:                           Yellow (deck and hull)

Owner:                         Fal de Saint Phalle

Owner Address:          PO Box 428, Ponte Vedra Beach, FL 32004

Owner email:               fdesaintphalle46(at)yahoo(dot)com

2 Responses to Identification Page

  1. Bill Wheless says:

    I wish I was going too.

  2. Jack Dent says:

    While eating breakfast this morning my wife and I were greeted with the sight of you paddling south in front of our home on the ICW North Myrtle Beach. Glad to hear the trip is goimng well. Best wishes, Sandi & Jack Dent

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